Healing Relationships...a technique that may help you!

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

This is an ancient Ishaya technique to heal relationships.

It should only be done once a day and should take no more than about five minutes. Use the technique innocently, without expectations or judgments. Its effects can be profound.

1. First, sit comfortably and close your eyes. Let yourself be in a loving space. Remember a time when you felt loved. If you can’t get yourself in a loving space, a neutral state will work just as well.

2. In your mind’s eye, picture pink loving light radiating out from your heart and surrounding you.

3. Now bring to mind a loving image of yourself. This image of you can be anywhere in the timeline of your life. If you can’t find a loving image of yourself, just bring in a neutral image. If you can’t see any image, just having the intent is enough.

4. Bring that image of you out in front of the pink light bubble surrounding you, and picture yourself covering the image with pink light. When the image is covered, let it go.

5. Next, bring in a loving image of each member of your immediate family – mother, father, siblings, children etc (even if deceased). Cover each person in a ball of pink light, then let them go and move on to the next person.

6. Bring in an image of anyone who you have an emotional charge or discomfort with. Cover them with pink loving light and let them go. If you find it hard to conjure a loving image of a person, just picture them in front of you. If you cannot do that, then picture them standing far away and/or facing away from you.

7. Allow anyone else to appear, cover them with the pink loving light and let them go.

8. If no one else appears, then the practice is done. You can open your eyes.


If you can’t visualize pink loving light, don’t worry – just have the intention of doing so.

When you’re doing this exercise, cover anyone who appears in pink light – don’t push them away. Once they’re done, assume they’re done for the day and don’t need to be done again. You will get a sense when someone is complete and does not need to be done anymore in the future. Even if no one shows up for your practice of this technique, still do yourself. Takes 5 seconds.

Seems too simple to make any difference doesn’t it? But if it made a difference, if it healed your relationships, wouldn’t you take a few minutes to do this each day?

Just try it. Do it every day and be open to see the magic.



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